Why do we paint our nails? For me, having my nails painted helps me feel more put-together and more confident. When my daughters first saw me painting my nails they saw an opportunity to get one-on-one time with mom and have fun. When we adopted our son as a toddler he wasn’t about to be left out. He wanted his nails painted just as much as his sisters because he was eager to be included in the family, so of course his nails were painted too.

Time passed and one day I was painting my nails and asked my son if he wanted his painted too. He frowned and shook his head. This was not like him. After a persistent line of motherly questioning he conceded that a kid from school had made fun of him because his nails were painted.

When the first shipment of Boys Nail Paint arrived at our house he was beaming. “Now no one will make fun of me, because it’s for BOYS!” As we’ve invited other boys to try Boys Nail Paint we've come to see that the excitement among boys is universal. My son’s nails have been painted ever since. His little brother now paints his nails because his big brother does.

So why do we paint our nails? That’s for you to decide—not gender norms or expectations or mean kids at school. We hope it’s because it brings you a little bit of joy and a little bit closer together as a family like it has for us.

--Natalie Olsen

Our Values


Fun is fun is fun. It’s the same for boys and girls and mermaids and dragons.

Family Time

For as long as nails take to dry, time is spent between family members. It’s the perfect time to ask burning questions like, “what’s your favorite color?”


We believe in letting kids create freely, even if they make a mess. We also believe in nail polish remover and magic erasers.


When kids feel confident expressing themselves, it shows. Three cheers for a healthy self image.


You can always sit at our table (even if your nail polish is chipped).


All of our paint is vegan, non-toxic, never tested on animals and made in the USA. That’s how we roll.


All our paint is highly concentrated so you get true bottle color after one coat. It’s like using the brand name crayons after coloring with waxy ones at a restaurant table.